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Bad Wrestling Podcast

Jan 23, 2019

This week we watched two UWF shows, First Blood and Thug Assassins. The UWF is fantastic. You should watch it. I feel like Melle Mel.

Jan 15, 2019

Kevin escaped the clutches of the Italian Gent's DC area pizzeria and returned to talk more about the exciting era off WWECW. Connor came too and impressed with his spoken Japanese. I feel like finlaydick.

Jan 8, 2019

Kevin got kidnapped by the italian gent so Chris is here with two great guests. Orin and Grey. They both have better audio quality. This is part one of our wwecw look, part two is coming when we free Kevin from the gents pizzeria.

Jan 1, 2019

We finally get to do Vince Russo's jesus federation. Thank you for your patience