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Bad Wrestling Podcast

Nov 28, 2018


We are back to talk about bound for glory 2011, a show that put wrestling back on the map of my heart. I hope you enjoy


The Italian gent tried to destroy the episode, but we prevailed in the end. If it sounds disjointed, its because we had to re record the second half

Nov 19, 2018

Tables Ladders Chairs and Stairs 2014 gave us the stairs match, Vince's final great gift to mankind before his brain turned to mush and the company became what we now know it is. It also gave you this podcast. Thank you for listening.


@murderbryan of street fight fame graced us here because he also loves stairs. Much...

Nov 12, 2018

CZW New Heights, a show that made me the man I am today. Please enjoy talk about this historic event for episode 1 of the show.